Who is LOKUA for?

Everyone! Anyone! Homeschoolers, classrooms, families, travelers, youth groups, ANYONE. If you live in this world and want to be a better global citizen, then LOKUA is for you.

How do I know what LOKUA level my child or classroom should be using?

We try not to limit the levels to age groups. For example, younger learners are encouraged to challenge themselves and see how much they can do from higher levels! Similarly, there’s no reason why teenagers can’t do Level 1 Labs (They’re really fun!). This is one benefit we saw to giving our customers access to every level of learning: when your learners are ready to progress, it is very easy to make the jump.

How much preparation will LOKUA require to use in my home or classroom?

Preparation time really depends on the Lab! Some of the Labs are as easy as printing out the included printables, where as others require gathering supplies for crafts or recipes. And some include as much effort as directing and acting in a stage play! We believe in letting learners be as much a part of the process as possible. You can put as much or as little into it as you want, but truly, the more you put in, the more you get out. For a reference, our teacher’s guides also include estimated duration times for Labs.

Can my child or classroom do Lokua activities independently?

At LOKUA, we believe that the Socratic method is the best way to learn critical thinking. Therefore, we’ve incorporated the opportunity to ask good, meaningful questions into every Lab. Because we can’t be in every living room or classroom to have these awesome and necessary conversations with you and your learners, this is where we depend on you. Our Lokua courses are full of meaningful activities and applications which are often followed by learning prompts and question guides for parents and teachers that will facilitate these important conversations. While some activities can be done independently (writing prompts, map games), we always recommend following up and talking about activities. This is where the real LOKUA magic happens.

What does a LOKUA lab include?

Part of the beauty of Lokua Labs is the variety. We believe that everything in the world is connected, and therefore holistic education is absolutely necessary. Which is why we have designed LOKUA Labs the way we have! Labs for any given country might include interacting with maps, a science experiment, an original play script, coloring pages, an art project, delicious recipes, a book reading guide, a music playlist and listening guide, and a history simulation game. Every country course includes unique Labs, because every country is unique! Every course will also include printables, a teacher’s guide, and a Lab checklist to keep track of your progress. 

Is Lokua right for my classroom or family?

Are you passionate about the world? Do you want to understand the increasingly global society that we live in? Have you felt the pull to understand and build cultural bridges? Do you see the problems exist in the world, and want to do more? And do you want to teach your learners to do the same? Well, us too. This is the LOKUA vision. We truly believe that education has so many answers to the problems and challenges that our generation currently faces, and that future generations will face. If you feel the same, LOKUA is definitely for you. You are our kind of person. BUT, if you are still wondering if it’s right for you, please sign up for our one week free trial in which you can access all of the great materials Lokua has to offer. We’re confident you will love it!

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