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Lokua is a fresh, new way of teaching kids about the world.

The world is a wonderful, wonderful place.

But it’s not perfect. There are a lot of problems that need solving. And the world needs good people who can see beneath the tip of the iceberg and think deeply about what causes those problems, so they can create wise, compassionate solutions.

A fresh new way of teaching kids about the world

Which is why we created Lokua!

Lokua is a fresh, new way of teaching kids about the world for the next, more global generation.

Lokua is designed

to teach about

the world…

the way it should

be taught.

A fresh new way of teaching kids about the world

Because it’s not just about maps of countries and capitals.

Learning about the world requires us to understand



history, science, arts,

language, religion,


and how all these things work together to make a place what it is.

In other words, we go beyond simply knowing where to find places on maps—we teach you how to think about why the world is the way it is. And how we can take a better approach to solving the world’s problems.


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The Lokua Method

Aims to foster what we call the four Cs

Critical thinking.




How we do it

Boy painting

We encourage multiple kinds of learning by designing Labs that:


  • Challenge critical thinking
  • Focus on interactivity
  • Engage the student with a variety of activities and subjects
  • Connect subjects in a holistic way
  • Are informative and educational
  • And are full of fun!

We start with a country, and then we write Labs to learn about that country. Each country’s Labs are divided in two ways:


Geography & Nature



People & Culture




L1 – Basic

L2 – Intermediate

L3 – Advanced

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